Read what some of our Volunteers and Members say about Chester Phab.

Lynda :

Chester Phab has transformed and enriched my life, I have made lifelong friends.

Salman :

Volunteering with Chester Phab has given me a great healing for my inner soul. I feel good every time I know I helped the club even in the smallest of tasks. I have learnt a lot from others, made new friends and met a lot of stars. It has also helped me in my career progression.

Val :

I have made lifelong friends, through joining Chester Adult Phab.

Denise :

I have met alot of diverse people and made lots of new friends who are part of my family now. I have met lots of stars and have lots of pictures with them.


Phab' s aim is to promote and encourage people of all abilities to come together on equal terms, to achieve complete inclusion within the wider community