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Chester Phab Club members enjoyed their excursion on Tuesday 5 September 2017 and Wednesday 6 September 2017, Inclusive Educational Visit / Tour of State Rooms, Buckingham Palace, London. This trip included overnight hotel accommodation including breakfast. After delighting in the splendour and opulence of the State Rooms in this iconic building steeped in history, members enjoyed refreshments at the Buckingham Palace garden cafe and appreciated the views of the famous lawns.

The Tour of The State Rooms commenced on Wednesday 6 September at 9.45 am.

This trip has been kindly funded by The Big Lottery, Awards for All England

Wonderful News

Lynda, Chair of Chester Phab Club has just received notification that The Prime Minister has asked the Cabinet Office to inform her having accepted the advice of the Head of the Civil Service and the Main Honours Committee that her name has been submitted to the Queen.  He has recommended that Her Majesty has graciously approved Lynda be awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) in the Birthday 2016 Honours List.

Lynda is delighted a proud moment for her.  The award is in recognition of all the work Lynda has undertaken for Chester Phab Club over 27 years.

Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters “BEM“.

The honours system recognises people who have:

  • made achievements in public life
  • committed themselves to serving and helping Britain

They usually have made life better for other people or be outstanding at what they do.

Lynda wishes to thank Phab National for the remarkable 27 year journey she has experienced during her voluntary role with Chester Phab Club and Phab National – amazing charities enriching and transforming many lives.

Statistics for information regarding Queens Honours List 2016

In total, 1,149 people have received an award:

• 1,004 candidates have been selected at BEM, MBE and OBE level. 312 at BEM, 477 at MBE and 215 at OBE

• 70% of the recipients are people who have undertaken outstanding work in their communities either in a voluntary or paid capacity

• there are 538 successful women candidates in the list, representing 47% of the total

• 8.2% of the successful candidates (90 people) come from a BAME background: the greatest ever number of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic recipients in an honours list

• 5.2% of the successful candidates consider themselves to have a disability under the Equality Act 2010

Lynda is one of 312 people to be awarded a BEM, great news for disabled women.


Chester Phab Club website :
Phab National website:

Chester Phab members Denise and Mani along with Lynda and Kate volunteered at Chester Library to promote the services of the club on 22nd of April 2016. The environment at the Library was brilliant and we managed to speak to a lot of people regarding the services and opportunities provided by Chester Phab. We hope to get a lot more new members for the club in coming months.

We would like to thank Chester Library staff and Cheshire West and Chester Council for giving us this opportunity to showcase our services.

Chester Library

Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2EF
Telephone: 01244 977 380
Fax: 01244 315 534

Information Consortium

Cheshire West and Chester Council have developied a local online information and services website and is available to use now. The website includes a range of voluntary and community organisations, advice & information fact sheets and a self-assessment tool. Chester Adult Phab are one of the voluntary organisations listed on the website when it is launched. The website can be found at:

Chester Phab club details can be browsed via following link


Lynda, Chair of Chester Phab Club was nominated in January 2016 for the Small Charities Coalition Best Volunteer Awards 2016 and narrowly missed out being selected as a finalist.

Great PR for Chester Phab Club.

Do you run, or are you involved with, a charity?

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Small Charities Coalition are a national support and networking organisation that helps trustees, staff and volunteers of small charities access the skills, knowledge and resources they need to best serve their causes. Membership is free – find out more at

Saturday 25 June 2016, Coast to Coast in a Day Sponsored Cycle Ride

Chestertweets Founder & Director Steve Jones did a sponsored cycle ride, proceeds to Chester Phab Club

An iconic route cycled by hundreds of people every year, usually over 4 or 5 days. But how about doing it in just 1 day?

A stunning 150 mile road ride from the mountainous Western Lake District, through the Yorkshire Dales, across the flat Vale of York and finally the Northern Valleys of the North York Moors, finishing by the sea in Whitby.

What better way to tick off this iconic cycle than by doing it in one day?

We thank Steve Jones for his support and for undertaking this gruelling one day challenge during June 2016.

Chestertweets keeping chester social, Founder & Director Steve Jones
Tel: 01244 317951 / Mobile: 07837 849582

Chester Surrogate mother makes dream come true for UK couple

Chester Adult PHAB – a social group for people with and without disabilities are bursting with pride and joy as they share the remarkable news of one of their members.

Busy mum Caz from Chester balances her role as mother to Aimee age 10 with work as a carer for people with learning disabilities and a member of Chester Adult Phab social group.  Caz recently helped married couple Liz and Richard make their dreams of having a family of their own come true.

Caz set about researching surrogacy as helping couples who are unable to naturally have a child of their own has been something she has been keen to explore. In 2013 Caz met Liz and Richard through a non profit making surrogacy organisation. Liz and Richard longed for a child of their own but faced barriers of conceiving naturally due to Liz’s medical condition.

After just three months of getting to know the couple, Caz agreed to offer them the amazing gift of life and decided to become a surrogate for the first time.

Caz agreed she would use her own eggs as Liz did not want to risk genetically passing on her disability to their unborn child. Liz has Larsen’s Syndrome – a congenital disorder affecting the joints and connective tissues causing severe physical disability.

Using Richards’s sperm and her own eggs, Caz fell pregnant after just five months of home inseminations. They were all elated with the good news and experienced the journey of pregnancy together; at the thirteen week scan Richard, Liz and Caz were delighted to hear they were having a baby girl.

On 29th September 2014 after nine hours of labour, Caz gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Alice at the Countess of Chester hospital. Caz congratulated new parents Liz and Richard and in return they thanked Caz on becoming a first time surrogate. Richard cut the cord and Alice was handed to Liz. Once recovered, Caz left the hospital leaving Liz and Richard alone to bond with their new baby daughter. Over the next few days Caz visited the hospital daily with her daughter Aimee to provide Alice with her breast milk.

Caz commented her daughter Aimee understood why she wanted to help others to become a family and stated “with the exception of a few concerns Aimee initially had about the pain I would go through during the stages of labour, she loves the idea of having Alice as her surrogate sister”.

Early in their relationship it was agreed Caz and Aimee would always be a part of Alice’s life. Regular photographs are sent to Caz and they communicate through telephone, email and facebook in addition to the visits Caz makes to see Liz, Richard and Alice at their Leicestershire home.

Caz is elated to have helped Liz and Richard achieve their dream of becoming a family and regardless of the genetic connection, Caz thinks of Alice as her friend’s daughter and someone who is very special.

With regard to future plans, Caz is already undergoing a ‘get to know you process’ with another couple she met over two years ago through the surrogacy organisation. Most recently Caz has donated her eggs to another couple longing for a child of their own.

It is without doubt Caz is a truly amazing individual with a huge heart. Surrogacy is such an incredible and extraordinary gift to be able to offer someone longing for a family of their own. Caz is very much of the opinion that whilst she is fit and healthy she will continue to help people’s dream come true and very much believes that if she did not do this it would be “wasting her gift of fertility”.

Caz, Richard and Liz’s incredible story has recently been featured on Sky TV channel TLC in a series called ‘My Extraordinary Pregnancy’.

Chairperson of Chester Adult Phab Club Lynda Hesketh reports to feeling incredibly proud of what Caz has accomplished.  Lynda went on to say Chester Adult Phab Club is an amazing organisation transforming many lives since its formation 27 years ago, and she is delighted with the many success stories the club boasts.

The Accessible Britain Challenge Awards 2015

The Corporate Disability Access Forum  (CDAF) were the Winners in the ‘Improved Mobility’ category at the first Accessible Britain Challenge Awards which took place March 2015  in the House of Commons.   The Award was presented by the Minister of State for Disabled People, Mark Harper MP.

Mark and Lynda from Chester Adult Phab Club are members of the CDAF committee.

The Awards are intended to publicly recognise organisations that are making an outstanding contribution towards communities being accessible and inclusive.    The judges praised the work of the Forum in involving disabled people and their representative organisations in the design of major new public buildings and spaces, such as the Theatre and Library Project and Chester Bus Interchange.

Thanks were conveyed to DIAL West Cheshire for nominating CDAF for the Award, and also congratulate them on being Highly Commended for their ‘Safe in Town’ initiative which was shortlisted in the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ category but unfortunately was not selected as a winner.

For further information about the ABC Awards visit:

Chester Adult Phab Social Club was  nominated for one of The Accessible Britain Challenge Awards in the Inclusive Social Activities category. The nomination for the award was made by Paul – a member of Chester Phab.

The aim of the Challenge is to motivate communities including local service providers, businesses, employers, charities, community, voluntary and disabled people’s groups to do more to be inclusive and accessible for disabled people. The Minister of State for Disabled People, Mark Harper, wanted to publicly recognise those communities that are making a difference and making their community more accessible and inclusive in the form of Awards.

They received a high number of nominations for these awards and unfortunately we were not selected.

However, in recognition of our nomination for The Accessible Britain Challenge Awards, we will receive a certificate, accompanied by a covering letter from the Minister of State for Disabled People, Mark Harper. In addition to this, we will also receive an electronic copy of a special version of The Accessible Britain Challenge (which can be used on our stationary, publicity materials etc.), acknowledging our nomination.

On a positive note The Corporate Disability Access Forum has been shortlisted for an Accessible Britain Challenge Award in the ‘Improved Mobility’ category.  The aim of these Awards is to recognise the efforts made by organisations to improve access for disabled people and to encourage others to follow suit.

Two of our members Paul and Lynda members regularly attend the Corporate Disability Access Forum, representing Chester Adult Phab Club – we thank them for their support.

DIAL West Cheshire has also been shortlisted in The ‘Safe in Town’ initiative, the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ category.

The award ceremony took place on 12 March in The House of Commons London, let’s hope Dial West Cheshire and Corporate Disability Access Forum are successful.

For more details, see below link.

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